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Download V2RayN with Core for Windows

V2RayN Client With Core

V2RayN is an open-source proxy tool that allows users to bypass internet censorship and access blocked websites. It is based on the V2Ray project, a platform for building network protocols. V2RayN provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for more straightforward configuration and usage of V2Ray. It can be used on various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

You can download the V2RayN Client With Core for Windows at the bottom of this page.

V2RayN supports multiple protocols and encryption methods, providing users with secure and anonymous internet browsing.
V2Ray is a VPN service that provides advanced proxy functions, such as data obfuscation, traffic shaping, and network monitoring. It was designed to bypass censorship in countries where access to the internet is restricted and to help users protect their online privacy.

If you’re a privacy enthusiast, you may or may not have heard of V2Ray. The tool forms a core part of Project V, an effort to provide users with the software to deploy specific network environments privately.

What is V2RayN

V2RayN is a Windows GUI client that supports Xray core and v2fly core, and others. You can use V2RayN to connect Xray or v2fly, or other V2Ray Supported Protocols on Windows.

List of Some Supported Protocols

  • VMess
  • Vless
  • ShadowSocks
  • Socks
  • Trojan

V2rayN with Core for Windows has the advantage of internal automatic updates; you can update it to the latest version anytime.

How To Use

1- download v2rayN-With-Core.zip and Extract it to a new folder.
2- run v2rayN.exe
You can also run v2rayUpgrade to upgrade to the latest version


Microsoft .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime
You need Microsoft .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime software to run V2ray Client with Core. You can download it through the link below:
Download Microsoft .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime

Important note: After the first launch of the software, its default language may be set to Chinese. Use the last option in the main menu to select the language of the software to English, and then exit the software once and rerun it.

Download V2RayN Client For Windows

File Name: v2rayN-With-Core.zip
File size: 90MB
Version: 6.23

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