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This popular blogging platform has a robust plugin architecture which makes it possible to build a range of sites from brochures to ecommerce stores.
Visit Wordpress.org for more info.


A content-management system (CMS) with many plugins and a strong community, Joomla is a favorite for non-profits and content-heavy sites.
Visit Joomla.com for more info.


A powerful platform for large content and community-driven websites. We don't recommend it for beginners, but it can be the perfect choice for large sites.
Visit Drupal.org for more info.

phpBB 3

A popular forum (or bulletin board) software that you can use as your whole site or add to an existing site.
Visit phpBB.com for more info.


The standard for open source shopping carts, osCommerce has been around since 2000 and has a strong community of contributors and many plugins.
Visit OsCommerce.com for more info.

Zen Cart

Based originally on osCommerce, Zen Cart had differentiated itself by including more functionality in the core install and having a flexible CSS-based template system.
Visit Zen-Cart.com for more info.



Open Blog

PHP Fusion

and over 300 more...